What To Expect When You Visit Us

At Consales Chiropractic Wellness Center, we care about our patients and their health and quality of life. When you walk in for the first time, you should feel welcome, like you’ve been part of our family for years!

Your First Appointment

Your first visit will only last about an hour. Before you meet with one of the doctors, you will need to fill out new patient paperwork. After that, there are three key parts to your appointment:
  1. Consultation
  2. Evaluation
  3. Pain Relief

During the consultation, you sit one on one with Dr. Consales and discuss what brought you into the office. He, in return, will determine main areas of concern and evaluate how he can help.

After this, the staff will conduct a noninvasive orthopedic exam that tests your range of motion and muscle strength, among other things. If necessary, you may also have X-rays taken.

Then you’ll receive pain relief. Since Dr. Consales takes time to carefully review all the results from your tests, he does not adjust on the first visit. But don’t worry! At Consales Chiropractic Wellness Center, we have many other therapies to provide you with pain relief in the meantime!

Your Second Visit

Your second visit consists of two parts:

  1. Report of findings
  2. Your first adjustment

If you are new to chiropractics, before going over your report of findings, Dr. Consales will review a model of the spine and help you visualize how chiropractic works. He will show you a comparison of a healthy spine and how your spine looks at the time of the report.

Dr. Consales will then discuss his findings, including where your pain is originating from, his recommendations for pain relief, and the importance of muscle balancing and maintenance care. If he feels he can help you, he will then explain your care options and perform your first adjustment. The choice is always yours; Dr. Consales never forces anyone into a care plan.

Love Life Again!

At AHS, we know what it’s like to live with crippling pain. We provide natural, noninvasive treatments so you can go back to enjoying life.

Before your first visit, you can fill out your new patient paperwork at home. Just click the button below to download the forms you’ll need, and remember to bring them with you to your first appointment.