Live Longer. Be Healthier.

At Consales Chiropractic Wellness Center, we know what it’s like to suffer from constant, crippling pain. We provide non-invasive, natural pain relief treatments so you can get back to thriving and doing what you love.

Here, we don’t just care about fixing your pain. We care about you. When you visit our office, you learn about your body and how it works. Our doctors take time with each patient to discuss regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and clinical nutrition, and how they work together to create a natural treatment plan that works. A plan that can be adjusted to fit your body and your needs. 

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What People Are Saying...


Patient at Consales Chiropractic for 30 Years

It's just amazing, the kinds of things he does [...] Whatever it is, it works. Don't be afraid!


Patient at Consales Chiropractic for 18 Years

I really believe that the good quality of life I'm enjoying right now is because of the care that I have gotten here.

We Love When Our Patients Thrive After Their Visits!

No Drugs Or Surgery

AHS takes a holistic approach to health. In other words, we focus on caring for every part of the body naturally, without drugs or surgery. Our treatment plans utilize structural integration, applied kinesiology, and nutrition response testing. By using these natural methods, our doctors can craft a treatment plan that will eliminate your pain.

Love Life Again!

At AHS, we know what it’s like to live with crippling pain. We provide natural, noninvasive treatments so you can go back to enjoying life.

Before your first visit, you can fill out your new patient paperwork at home. Just click the button below to download the forms you’ll need, and remember to bring them with you to your first appointment.