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Knee Pain

How to treat knee pain. Regenerative medicine is an effective treatment for knee pain that is caused by a degenerative condition, damaged cartilage, torn MCL or ACL or lack of synovial fluid in the joint. If your knee pain stems from a misaligned knee joint or other misalignments in the body, then chiropractic care offers positive results. When you visit our clinic, we will take the time to identify the cause of your pain and create a customized solution so you can finally find the relief you need.

Knee Pain Relief North Huntingdon, PA

Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain relief should always happen as a byproduct of addressing the underlying cause of the pain, and not by taking pain medication. When a part of your body hurts, it is letting you know something is wrong. Too often, pain is treated as the problem and not as a symptom of the problem, so painkillers are prescribed and a vicious cycle begins that doesn’t have an end. Not to mention, treating your knee pain with medication can increase the likelihood of causing even more damage because you won’t know when to take it easy.

Treatments Containing Stem Cells for Knees

The treatments containing stem cells for knees that we use at our clinic are derived from the Wharton’s jelly of donated umbilical cords after a healthy cesarean birth. These youthful cells help to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in your damaged knees and contain all of the elements needed for quick and efficient healing, including:

  • Mesenchymal Cells – these specialized cells are the building blocks of your body
  • Exosomes – cell secretions that instruct other cells how they should heal damaged tissues in your body
  • Natural Growth Factors – natural proteins that encourage cell growth
  • Cytokines – growth factors that are secreted by specific cells in your immune system
  • Extracellular Matrix – consists of a variety of macromolecules like glycoproteins, enzymes and collagen that help with cell adhesion and cell-to-cell communication
Treatments Containing Stem Cells for Knees Monroeville, PA

During the pregnancy, mother and baby are monitored to ensure the cells are of the highest quality. The reason these cells are preferred is that as you get older, your body heals slower and the number of cells that produce these healing components decline, as does the general fitness of the cells. The younger cells are also immune privileged, which means they haven’t developed an immune system and rejection won’t be a concern.

Knee Pain Causes

You put pressure on your knees with every step you take, so there are many potential causes for chronic knee pain or acute severe knee pain.

Some of the most common ones we see include:

  • Torn meniscus
  • Runner’s knee
  • Knee tendinitis
  • Damaged knee cartilage
  • ACL and MCL injuries
  • Lack of synovial fluid in the knee joint
  • Fractures
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Referred pain from other areas

If you or a loved one has knee pain in White Oak, North Huntingdon, Monroeville, West Mifflin, Elizabeth or any nearby city in Allegheny or Westmoreland County, call us today at (412) 678-9123 to schedule a free consultation. Don’t let knee pain hold you back from living the life you deserve.