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Applied Kinesiology

“Fascinating,” “Incredible,” “Amazing!”

What is Regenerative Medicine?, PA

Are comments often heard during a person’s initial applied kinesiology examination. The person immediately sees how body dysfunction can be found by this examination and improved function immediately obtained.

How It Works

Muscles are tested in different areas of the body in a manner that evaluates a specific muscle. You will note from your examination that some muscles test strong and others appear extremely weak.

The “weakness” indicates not only poor control of the muscle but also possible poor control of the organ, gland and/or other tissue on the same nerve, vascular, acupuncture, or nutritional grouping.

Further evaluation by the doctor reveals the “controlling” factor that might be at fault and what treatment is necessary to return normal function. If treatment is successful, there will be a remarkable improvement in the muscle test results.

What is Regenerative Medicine?, PA

When applied kinesiology is combined with the usual methods of physical examination such as orthopedic, nerve, and nutrition, an extra dimension of the person’s health status is revealed.

Procedures have been developed within the applied kinesiology framework that assist in finding the cause of muscle dysfunction.

When these are applied you may observe an immediate but temporary improvement in the muscle test. This helps determine the type of treatment that will be effective in correcting your dysfunction.

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