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Allied Health Systems lives its mission every day: To assist as many people as possible in attaining the highest quality of health they seek and deserve through effective natural healing methods thus minimizing the use of drugs and surgery.

We value patient education and strive to help you live a healthy lifestyle in any way we can!

About Us North Huntingdon, PADr. Consales takes the time with each of his patients to discuss regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, nutrition and how they work together. He also provides his patients with educational reading material and is always ready to answer any questions.

Our focus is on caring for all of your body, from your organs to your spine. That’s because when one part of your body isn’t working optimally all other parts of your body suffer. Regenerative medicine refers to the process of regenerating, repairing, engineering and replacing human tissue, cells and organs so they can return to their normal function. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving your nervous system of interference; Applied Kinesiology focuses on muscle balance; and, Nutrition Response Testing focuses on optimizing organ function.

By taking care of every part of your body holistically you are allowing for maximum healing from the inside out!

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