What Results Can I Expect From Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Regenerative cell therapy brings great results for many patients.

Regenerative cell therapy helps relieve pain from many ailments and conditions. But realistically, what can you expect from this treatment? Will pain relief by instant, or will it take several weeks, or even months? In this post, we discuss the benefits of regenerative cell therapy and what you can realistically expect after receiving treatment.

How does Regenerative Cell Therapy work?

Regenerative treatments aim to introduce mesenchymal stem cells into damaged tissue, allowing them to rebuild existing tissue and replace damaged cartilage, bone, or muscle in the body. The stem cells used, which have incredible healing potential, come from the Wharton’s jelly of the umbilical cord. These cells have proven very potent compared to the cells in your body as an adult. Age has a lot to do with their efficacy and the ability to repair and rebuild cells quickly. These healthy, young cells are loaded with growth factors and other important elements that help the body heal at a faster pace.

What can I expect?

As far as the procedure is concerned, it is a quick, in-office treatment. Moreover, it is minimally invasive, and patients feel little to no pain in most cases. Upon leaving the clinic, you should be able to easily get back into your regular routine. Depending on your condition, you may need more than one treatment. In this case, most health practitioners space the session several weeks apart, to allow the body time to heal itself with the new cells.

As your cartilage, ligaments, and muscles begin to repair themselves, you will likely start to notice improvements in pain levels and mobility within a few short weeks. Within 3-6 months, your treatment may be fully complete, and you can get back to living life and doing what you love!

Natural pain relief without drugs or surgery

Many of our patients have been told by medical doctors that they have limited options. Taking a host of pills to mask the symptoms and reduce your pain doesn’t solve the real problem. And if you’re looking for an alternate route to surgery, you aren’t alone. There are risks in any surgery. And not everyone can – or wants to – take the downtime required to go through the entire ordeal, and the healing that comes with it.

A true solution for natural pain relief is finally here. Your body has been healing after injuries since you were in the womb. It just needs a little help to get the job done this time. By introducing growth factors and cytokines into the area, your cells will know to start repairing the damage and creating new healthy cells. There is no masking symptoms with regenerative cell therapy. It is legitimately going straight to the source to solve the issue for good.

Find out what results you can expect from regenerative cell therapy by reaching out to our clinic. Get a free consultation today!

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