Pain is a normal part of human existence, but it isn’t a pleasant one. Whether derived by injury, illness, or age, pain hampers our ability to function, move, and enjoy life. Seeking pain relief is the first impulse we have when faced with its symptoms. For some, this may be oral medication, surgical treatment, or a form of alternative therapy like acupuncture. For others, it’s the modern wonder of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine

Advancements in the medical community have made all-natural pain relief more obtainable than ever before. Foregoing the additives and chemicals in oral medicine and eliminating the long healing times accompanying surgical treatment has made natural pain relief an optimal choice. One of the more popular forms of natural medicine is regenerative medicine.

At Consales Chiropractic Wellness Center, our approach to regenerative medicine uses Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal cells. These are donated cells taken from the umbilical cord. The mesenchymal cells used in our wellness center are obtained safely following a cesarean birth with no harm coming to mother or child. Before the cord tissue is used, the donating mother is screened to ensure that only the healthiest and highest quality cells are used. It is these regenerative cells that quicken and improve healing in an all-natural way.

This regenerative medicine differs from PRP, in that platelet-rich plasma therapy takes blood samples from your own body. The samples are spun in a centrifuge to separate platelet from plasma and re-injected into your tissue. PRP is another effective all-natural pain relief treatment but requires a higher attention to detail due to the complex nature of the procedure.

About Natural Pain Relief

The key to natural pain relief is that it is focused on whatever the underlying issue causing the pain happens to be. With conventional medicine, the focus is usually on the pain, but that can create a dangerous cycle that goes on for months or even years. When you have regenerative cellular treatments, you will experience long-term pain relief that lasts. Simply treating the symptoms can also set you up for greater injury, as you will have a false sense of security regarding your damaged tissue.

Cellular therapy is personalized medicine, individual to each patient based on need and injury. At Allied, we work one on one with patients to develop a customized treatment to target the pain you’re experiencing.

How is pain relief different than pain management? Pain relief is different than pain management based on the fact that it seeks to remove someone’s pain permanently and not just “manage” ongoing pain symptoms. In conventional medicine, pain symptoms are often covered up with medication, while natural pain relief uncovers the underlying cause of the pain and threats that, so the symptom no longer exists.

Natural Pain Relief

Natural pain relief refers to alleviating pain without using medication or invasive surgical techniques. Typically, this is accomplished by taking the time to assess the underlying cause of your pain before administering any kind of treatment.

Once the root cause has been determined, we can formulate a plan and begin treatment that will result in less pain, greater mobility and a better quality of life. If you’re like most people with chronic pain, you’ve tried countless ways to get rid of it without success. Our cutting-edge approach will be the difference you’ve been looking for.

Treatments Containing Growth Factors and Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Pain

Treatments containing growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells for pain are effective for a variety of reasons. The regenerative cells we use are taken from the Wharton’s jelly of umbilical cords that have been donated after a healthy C-section. The mothers are screened carefully to ensure the quality of the tissue, and collecting the cells doesn’t harm mother or child in any way.

The reason these cells are so potent is because they have youth on their side. They contain crucial healing elements like cytokines, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, collagens, proteins, exosomes, and extracellular matrix that enhance your body’s own healing power and create an ideal environment for efficient repair, regeneration and pain relief.

When injected, these cells zero in on the area that’s injured and attach to the tissue. They also secrete exosomes to tell your cells how to heal the injury and have been known to “lend” mitochondria to any cells that are lacking. The fact that cells collected from young tissue have yet to form their own immune system means the potential for rejection is virtually non-existent.

Pain Relief Center

At our clinic, we use regenerative medicine as our primary pain treatment, and may also use chiropractic care, spinal decompression, laser therapy or platelet-rich plasma as part of your customized natural pain relief plan. Before long, you will be back playing with your kids or grandkids and performing all the activities you used to love before chronic pain took its toll on your body.

We can provide relief for a range of different conditions, including:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sciatica
  • Migraine/Headaches
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated Disc
  • Joint Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Vertigo
  • Neuropathy

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